Iraq participates in the meeting of the Supporting Group of International Stability in Copenhagen

BAGHDAD / Iraq participated in a Group meeting to support international stability in the Danish capital of Copenhagen.

The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers said in a statement said today, "that Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Chairman of Civilian Crisis Management cell Mahdi Al-Allaq headed today, the Iraqi delegation to the group meeting to support international stability, which was held in Copenhagen."

It added that during the meeting Al-Allaq offered a report on the great successes achieved during the liberation of Mosul operations, as well as reference to the restoration of stability and the role of the Iraqi government to secure the requirements of displaced families to re-inhabit areas after the liberation of the terrorist Daesh stage.

It continued that the representatives of the participating countries have expressed their support for Iraq in its war against Daesh terrorists and their willingness to support it in all fields and to increase that support in the light of the development achievements of the liberation operation, especially in the city of Mosul," pointing out that it will be released from the meeting important recommendations to respond to the basic support stability requirements, especially in Nineveh province and a willingness to do so.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency