Iraq Prepares for Climate Change Conference and Enhances International Environmental Partnerships

Baghdad – Minister of Environment Nizar Amedi announced Iraq's formation of a national committee for climate change and plans to host a regional conference in Baghdad next year. This initiative reflects Iraq's increasing engagement with the international community in addressing environmental challenges and climate change.

During a meeting with the Ambassadors of Britain, France, Germany, and Canada, Amedi reviewed Iraq’s preparations for the upcoming Conference of the Parties (COP) in the United Arab Emirates.

According to National Iraqi News Agency, Iraq is coordinating its vision and preparing various programs, plans, projects, and investments through sectoral ministries. The country's negotiation team is also set to present projects and programs focused on mitigation and adaptation strategies to combat climate change effects.

Amedi emphasized that Iraq has developed a comprehensive strategy, encompassing four main axes to be addressed at COP 28. These include the global goal of adaptation, climate financing, addressing losses and damages, and mitigation issues, with a particular focus on technology transfer and capacity building to achieve sustainable development goals. Additionally, he mentioned the ministry's plan to establish a public company dedicated to carbon bonds, aiming to leverage international financing mechanisms and significantly advance Iraq's carbon mechanism efforts.

The European Ambassadors expressed their countries' eagerness to broaden cooperation with Iraq. They commended the efforts of the Iraqi Ministry of Environment and indicated their readiness to support projects in renewable energy, gas utilization, and water resource optimization. Furthermore, they highlighted the willingness of their respective scientific institutions, universities, non-governmental organizations, private sector, and experts to contribute to Iraq's endeavors in mitigating climate change and its impacts.