Baghdad Iraq ranked fifth among the ten countries exporting crude oil to China during the past month.

The website / Economy News / quoted the statistics of the Chinese Customs Administration that: China imported 40.130 tons of crude oil from ten crude oil producing countries in June, equivalent to 9.363 million barrels per day.

The statistic indicated: “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Russia retained the top two positions in June, as Saudi Arabia sent 1.680 million barrels per day of crude oil to China in June, while Russia’s shipments reached 1.551 million barrels per day.

It noted: “Oman came third as the largest oil exporter to China with 896,000 barrels per day, followed by Angola fourth with a quantity of 858,000 barrels, while Iraq came fifth as it exported 3.550 tons of crude oil in June, equivalent to 24.850 million barrels per month, equivalent to 828 thousand barrels per day.

It continued, “Kuwait came sixth with 560 thousand barrels per day, then Brazil was seventh with 548,000 barrels per day, then the UAE came eighth with 403 thousand barrels per day and the United States was ninth with 331,000 barrels per day, and Malaysia came in tenth place with 273 thousand barrels per day.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency