Iraqi Air Force planes destroy headquarters, warehouses and bomb factories in different areas of Nineveh

BAGHDAD / Iraqi air force planes destroyed the headquarters and warehouses of weapons and booby-trapping factories of Daesh, in different parts of Nineveh.

"The war media cell said in a statement that the Iraqi F-16 planes, based on information by the intelligence cell of the Command of Operations / O, we are coming , Nineveh/ directed air strikes that resulted in the destruction of the headquarters of the Islamic police, and the gathering of the Daesh elements and a square to stand the car bombs in the district of Al-Baaj."

It added that the strikes also resulted in the destruction of the headquarters of a gathering of elements and a factory for the manufacture of explosive belts and a store of weapons and ammunition in the village of Konseh in the area of Mahalibiya, in addition to the destruction of the headquarters of al-Hesbah and another headquarters for Daesh in the district of Tal Afar."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency