Iraqi and Iranian Ministers Explore Cooperation in E-Commerce and Information Technology

Baghdad – In Baghdad, the Minister of Trade, Atheer Al-Ghurairi, held discussions with the Iranian Minister of Communications, Issa Zarepour, focusing on potential areas of cooperation in electronic commerce, the organization of specialized exhibitions in the information and communications sector, and the development of data exchange platforms.

According to National Iraqi News Agency, Al-Ghurairi emphasized the significance of integrating topics related to communications and information technology within the projects of the joint Iraqi-Iranian committee. This coordination is expected to involve the Ministry of Commerce and Iraqi sectoral authorities to mutually benefit both nations in these fields.

The Minister highlighted the prospects for collaboration between his Ministry’s formations and Iranian companies in the realm of electronic commerce, and leveraging Iranian expertise in modern and advanced information technology.

Al-Ghurairi also extended an invitation to the Iranian side to participate in the upcoming Baghdad International Tournament and to organize specialized exhibitions in technologies, communications, and informatics.

On his part, the Iranian Minister, Issa Zarepour, expressed the readiness of Iranian companies to engage in cooperative ventures and joint work with Iraq in sectors including communications, information technology, postal services, electronic payment, and the establishment of data exchange platforms.