Iraqi Deputy Speaker Urges International Response to Palestinian Child Casualties

Baghdad – Mohsen Al-Mandalawi, the First Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi House of Representatives, has issued a call to the international community to adopt a responsible stance regarding the deaths of over 5,000 Palestinian children in conflicts involving Israel.

Al-Mandalawi, in a statement on International Children’s Day, highlighted the Iraqi House of Representatives' commitment to prioritizing legislation and laws aimed at protecting children and ensuring their educational, health, and security needs.

According to National Iraqi News Agency, the focus was not only on domestic policy but also on raising awareness about the plight of Palestinian children.

He urged the international community to acknowledge and respond to the deaths of more than 5,000 Palestinian children, including 3,000 students, attributing these casualties to the actions of the Israeli forces. Al-Mandalawi emphasized that these incidents occurred despite the backing of certain countries that profess to champion freedom and child protection.

Furthermore, Al-Mandalawi appealed to all relevant parties and international humanitarian organizations to take effective measures in safeguarding children from the impacts of wars and conflicts. He stressed the need for a collective effort to confront those responsible for harming children and to work towards establishing a safe, healthy, and educational environment for young people globally.