Baghdad The Iraqi Medical Association announced that Iraqi doctors have volunteered in the medical effort to treat the people of Gaza.

The Iraqi Medical Association stated in a telegram to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, the Union of Arab Doctors, the Medical Union of the State of Palestine and the Palestinian Red Crescent Society that: In response to the statement of the Iraqi Medical Association about the aggression on Gaza, which resulted in the death of hundreds and wounding of thousands, your brothers, Iraqi doctors, initiated requests for volunteering in the medical effort to treat our people in Gaza, with enthusiasm and high resolve.

It added: The names were registered in the General Center of Iraqi Medical Association and among them are the head of the Iraqi Medical Association, members of councils, branch heads, and the rest of doctors of various ages and specialties, and their brothers, Iraqi doctors working outside Iraq, participated in the rescue work and treat the wounded in the Strip’s hospitals according to the desire of the health authorities and awaiting the provision of means of transportation and the determination of workplaces. At the same time, private Iraqi hospitals pledged to the Syndicate to receive and treat wounded people referred to Iraq with the highest level of care and attention.

It explained that: This willingness expresses the Iraqis’ love for helping their Palestinian brothers against the brutal Israeli aggression, as the Iraqis have suffered from kin injustice, aggression, malicious terrorism, hatred, and hate policy, and they appreciate the need for solidarity, attribution and tolerance … and God bless our people in Gaza, Palestine and Iraq.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency