Iraqi forces recaptured new areas in the remaining redoubt of Daesh militants, in Mosul's old city, amid fierce clashes that left dozens of militants killed, the Iraqi military said.

The army's 16th Infantry Division, freed the areas of Khatoniyah, Tuwalib and Ra's al-Kour, after defeating the Daesh defensive lines, leaving 67 militants killed, the Iraqi Joint Operations Command said, in a statement.

The army's explosive experts dismantled 72 roadside bombs, planted in the battlefields, to hamper the progress of the Iraqi soldiers, the statement said.

The troops also opened several safe corridors in the densely-populated neighbourhoods of the old city, and evacuated at least 961 civilians, the statement added.

Iraq's Counter Terrorism Service, army, federal police and the Rapid Response forces, have been fighting inside the old city, but the troops are making slow progress due to the stiff resistance of the militants.

Also, there were a large number of roadside bombs and booby-trapped buildings, in addition to Daesh snipers taking positions in the buildings and narrow alleys, of heavily-populated neighbourhoods, where thousands of civilians still live under Daesh rule.

The battles also continued in the remaining part of al-Shifaa neighbourhood, the last neighbourhood still seized by Daesh militants outside the major Daesh redoubt of the old city centre.

Source: NAM News Network