Iraqi paramilitary Hashd Shaabi units, on Monday, recaptured nine villages from the Daesh militants, near the Iraqi-Syrian border, the units said in a statement.

The Hashd Shaabi units, backed by the army's helicopter gunships, liberated nine villages, scattered in the west of the newly freed town of Baaj, some 20 km east of the Syrian border, the statement said.

Baaj is located in the rugged sprawling area in the south of the town of Sinjar, some 100 km west of Mosul.

During the day, the paramilitary units killed some 37 militants, and the gunships destroyed four suicide car bombs, trying to stop the advance of the units, the statement said, adding that, the forces destroyed several Daesh headquarters and posts, outside and inside the town.

The units also seized a T-72 tank and three heavy machine guns, along with different kinds of weapons and ammunition, the statement added.

The operation near the border is part of a major offensive, designed to secure the border areas with neighbouring Syria and cut off Daesh supply routes between Mosul and the Syrian city of Raqqa, the de-facto capital of the Daesh self-declared caliphate.

On May 29, the units made their first arrival at the Iraqi-Syrian border, after they freed the town of al-Qahtaniyah, some 18 km east of the Syrian border.

The operations near the Syrian border came, as Iraqi security forces, backed by the anti-Daesh international coalition, were simultaneously conducting a major offensive to dislodge the militants from their major stronghold in western Mosul.-

Source: NAM News Network