Iraqi Forces Kill 10 Terrorists After Infiltrating In Bakar and Akka Areas East of Mosul

Mosul / Dozens of Daesh militants infiltrated to Bakar and Akka areas, which were freed last Thursday by the anti-terror forces, "according to a military source.

Capt. Ahmed al-Obeidi told the Iraqi National News Agency / that "Daesh militants infiltrated into the liberated areas and clashes began with Iraqi troops and civilians as well."

He added, "The Iraqi forces have killed more than (ten) terrorists after civilians besieged the terrorists and arrested three others in Bakar area."

Obeidi said "most of Daesh terrorists fled outside the mentioned areas, while Iraqi forces conducted combing operation and raided into neighborhoods to search for Daesh fugitives," noting that "Iraqi forces have now spread in all the outskirts of the liberated and non-liberated areas to prevent the infiltration of any Daesh militants to liberated neighborhoods " ./

Source: National Iraqi News Agency