Iraqi security forces killed, on Tuesday, 12 suicide bombers, before they could carry out their deadly attacks, in Iraq's northern central province of Salahudin, the provincial governor said.

Based on intelligence reports, the troops ambushed the 12 suspected suicide bombers, near the al-Salam village, just west of the oil refinery town of Baiji, which is located some 200 km north of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, Salahudin's governor, Ahmed Abdullah al-Jubouri, said, in a press release.

The troops fought heavy clashes with the would-be suicide bombers and killed them all, Jubouri said.

Jubouri demanded further military support, from Baghdad's central government, to enable the provincial security forces to repel the increasing attacks of the extremist Daesh militants, on the provincial cities and villages.

Salahudin's authorities frequently warned that, the Daesh militants are attacking the urban areas of the province, using the sprawling rugged area that extends from the western part of Salahudin province to the desert in the neighbouring Anbar province, and similarly, the area extends from the eastern part of the province to the Daesh redoubt in Mteibijah, on the provincial border with Diyala province, as well.

The incident came, as Iraqi security forces, backed by the anti-Daesh international coalition, were simultaneously conducting a major offensive, to dislodge the militants from their major stronghold in western Mosul, in northern Iraq

Source: NAM News Network