IRBIL, The Iraqi forces on Thursday killed 132 militants of Daesh in Mosul and controlled new neighborhoods in the city, as part of the second phase of liberating Nineveh Governorate that was launched a week ago.

In a press statement, commander of operations in Nineveh Lieutenant General Abdulamir Yarallah said that federal police forces managed to enter deep into neighborhoods of Palestine, al Shaimaa and Somer in the southern axis of the city's left coast.

After killing Daesh militants, the forces supported by air forces of Iraqi army and the international coalition controlled several buildings and destroyed five vehicles and some sites belonging to Daesh, he added.

In the eastern axis of the city's left coast, counterterrorism forces retook some vehicles and a rocket lab, he said, stressing that forces continue cleansing the areas liberated from Daesh.

Meanwhile, Peshmerga forces made progress in the depth of the city's left coast through retaking about 70 percent of the coast's areas.

In the meantime, Ministry of Migration and Displacement announced that 160,000 people have been displaced from neighborhoods and areas in Nineveh since the start of operations in the city. The displaced moved to camps where they are receiving aid.

The second phase of liberating the city aims to retake all neighborhoods of its left coast, as part of the wide operations that launched on October 17 aiming to defeat IS.