Iraqi Forces Kill 20 And Arrest 11 North Of Mosul

Mosul / 20 terrorists were killed while trying to sneak a second time to the liberated areas, north of Mosul, according to a security source.

The source told the National Iraqi News Agency / that "Daesh crept into three liberated areas within the left coast, north of Mosul, but the Iraqi forces clashed with them."

He added "The Iraqi forces clashed with terrorists through their infiltration into (Amin, Cairo , and Jamaa ) areas that were liberated last week and killed 20 of them."

The source continued that "Daesh open its fire from light weapons on the homes of civilians and threw hand grenades at Iraqi forces and civilian homes in retaliation for their cooperation with Iraqi forces", "noting that" the Iraqi forces had arrested 11 terrorists during the clashes and now impose its control over the liberated neighborhoods entirely northern Mosul ".

The Iraqi forces have managed to kill dozens of Daesh this morning amid clashes through infiltration into Bakar and Akka regions, east of Mosul, which freed last Thursday "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency