Iraqi-Iranian talks in Tehran regarding the gas exports agreement

Baghdad Discussions took place in Tehran between Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zangana and Iraqi Electricity Minister Majid Mahdi Hantoush to discuss ways for Iraq to pay off debts owed on it by Iranian gas exports to it.

According to the “IRNA” Agency, during the meeting, the Iranian Minister of Oil referred to two important agreements to export Iranian gas to Iraq, which were concluded during the past years with the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity, and said: “So far, 27 billion cubic meters of Iranian gas have been exported to Iraq.”

He stressed that the relations are very strong between the people and the governments of Iran and Iraq, expressing his hope that the visit of the Iraqi Minister of Electricity to Tehran will lead to the development of relations between the two sides and the Iranian oil and Iraqi ministry of electricity, for which good pillars have been established in the past.

Zangana said, “Of course, the payment of debts (owed by Iraq) regarding (Iranian) gas exports is facing problems, but we hope that we will be able to reach a solution in this area.”

For his part, the Minister of Electricity said during the meeting: “The relations between Iran and Iraq are excellent, and we are striving to develop them day by day.”

Hantoush referred to the agreement on gas exports between the two countries to operate the Iraqi power stations, and said: “We seek to find a way to solve the problem of paying the dues and pay the price for gas to Iran. ”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency