The representative of Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government to Tehran, said that, there is still a possibility to postpone the Kurds’ independence referendum, Iran’s Farsi language Etemad newspaper reported.

“The Kurdistan Regional Government is studying the proposals by Turkey and the western states, over the scheduled vote,” Nazim Dabbagh told Etemad.

“In case there are required guarantees for the rights of the Kurds, they will drop the independence referendum for the time being,” Dabbagh was quoted as saying.

The move to hold the referendum has its roots in the disputes between Baghdad and Erbil and the “distrust” between the sides, Dabbagh said, adding that, it does not harm Tehran or Ankara.

Besides, the Kurdish forces, who liberated parts of Iraq, under the Daesh rule over the past months, is considering those areas as the territory of Kurdistan, he said, adding that, however, if Baghdad intends to hold self-determination vote in those areas, Iraqi Kurdistan will not block it.

Iran’s political and military officials have announced their opposition to the Kurds’ referendum, saying that, stable, secure and unified Iraq will help the country’s progress.

“Iran definitely recognises only the united, integrated and federal government of Iraq,” Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, Shamkhani, said.

Shamkhani emphasised that the possible secession of Iraq’s Kurdistan will make Iran reconsider its stances seriously and adopt totally different approaches, to fight off the anti-Iranian groups that are present and act inside parts of the Iraqi Kurdistan.

“Therefore, Kurdish official should think twice and not miss the opportunity, to scrap the independence referendum plan and avert the formation of “anti-security processes” across the region


Source: NAM News Network

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