Iraqi President Meets with Saudi Commerce Minister and Business Delegates to Enhance Bilateral Ties

BAGHDAD, in a significant move to bolster bilateral relations, Dr. Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid, the President of the Republic of Iraq, met today with Saudi Minister of Commerce, Majid Al-Qasabi, who is also the Chairman of the Saudi-Iraqi Coordination Council, along with a delegation of Saudi businessmen.

According to National Iraqi News Agency, the President highlighted the deep-rooted relations between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, underscoring the religious, national, social, and cultural ties shared by the two countries. He also commended Saudi Arabia's role in the region and its adaptation to global developments and progress.

The meeting, held in Baghdad, focused on enhancing cooperation and coordination between Iraq and Saudi Arabia in various sectors including commerce, economy, industry, energy, and environment. The President emphasized the importance of leveraging the expertise, experiences, and capabilities of both nations to mutual benefit.

Dr. Rashid reviewed the challenging circumstances Iraq has faced in recent years, including wars, sanctions, and terrorism, and their significant impact on the country's infrastructure and services. He noted that Iraq is currently experiencing a new phase of security stability and service provision, including the initiation of strategic and investment projects.

The President added that the recent elections in Iraq led to the formation of a government representative of all Iraqis, with a focus on establishing security and stability, combating corruption, and advancing the reform process.

He encouraged Saudi businessmen to explore investment opportunities in Iraq, highlighting the government's commitment to providing facilities to investors and businessmen to stimulate economic engagement.

On his part, Minister Majid Al-Qasabi reaffirmed the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's dedication to maintaining and developing relations with Iraq. He emphasized the desire to expand cooperation in areas of mutual interest, acknowledging the strong social and historical ties between the Iraqi and Saudi peoples.

Al-Qasabi mentioned that through the Saudi-Iraqi Coordination Council, Saudi businessmen are working diligently to streamline procedures and enhance communication between Iraqi and Saudi business communities. He expressed his hope for a significant increase in trade exchange and the establishment of a true partnership contributing to the progress and prosperity of both nations.