Iraqi President, Fuad Masoum, stressed the need to enhance joint security cooperation between Syria and Iraq, and expand coordination in the war against terrorism.

Masoum made his remarks while meeting Syria’s Interior Minister, Major General Mohammad al-Shaar, and the accompanying delegation visiting Iraq.

In turn, al-Shaar stressed the importance of upgrading mutual cooperation to higher levels, particularly in fighting terrorism.

Earlier, al-Shaar met his Iraqi counterpart, Qasim al-Araji, as the two sides agreed to revive agreements signed between the Syrian and Iraqi Interior ministries, including the activation of the joint higher committee, formed according to the memo of understanding, in addition to exchanging information and eliminating clandestine terrorist cells and combating organised crime.

They also stressed the importance of strengthening border controls and cooperation across borders and reopening al-Qaem border crossing, in order to promote trade movement.

Minister al-Shaar also met Iraqi Foreign Minister, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, with the latter expressing high appreciation for victories achieved by Syria in its war on terrorism.

Al-Shaar and the accompanying delegation also visited the Iraqi Police Academy and a number of security institutions.

Source: NAM News Network