Iraqi Prime Minister Discusses Bilateral Relations with U.S. Ambassador in Baghdad

Baghdad – In a recent meeting in Baghdad, Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani and the United States Ambassador to Iraq, Alina Romanowski, discussed several key topics, including bilateral relations and joint cooperation across various fields.

According to National Iraqi News Agency, The meeting, as reported by the Prime Minister's media office, focused on enhancing bilateral relations and joint cooperation, particularly in the context of the upcoming meeting between Iraq and the U.S. next week.

Discussions also touched upon the cooperation between the Central Bank of Iraq and the U.S. Treasury. Additionally, the meeting addressed the current situation in Gaza, with both parties expressing concerns over the humanitarian crisis and violations of Palestinian rights.

Prime Minister Al-Sudani reaffirmed Iraq’s stance on the Palestinian issue, emphasizing the necessity of stopping the attacks by occupation forces and ensuring humanitarian aid access to civilians. He also reiterated Iraq's commitment to protecting diplomatic missions and the security advisors within the international coalition mission against ISIS, highlighting the role of security services in maintaining stability on Iraqi territory.