Iraq’s Oil Exports To China Decreased By 40%

Baghdad The Chinese Customs Administration announced that Iraq’s oil exports to China decreased by more than 40% during a whole year.

The administration said in a statistic, that “Iraq exported 3.550 million metric tons of crude oil last June, equivalent to 24.850 million barrels per month, equivalent to 828,333 thousand barrels per day, a decrease of 40.9% compared to June of the previous year 2020, which amounted to 6.01 million metric tons, equivalent to 42.070 One million barrels per month, or 1.262.100 million barrels per day.

It added; “Oil exports in June also declined from May of the current year 2021 by 20.8%, as these exports in May amounted to 4.490 million metric tons, or the equivalent of 31.430 million barrels per month, equivalent to 942,900 thousand barrels per day.

It pointed out that “Iraq’s position in its oil exports to China fell to fifth place in June of 2021 after Saudi Arabia, Russia, Oman and Angola, after it was in third place in May of 2021 after Saudi Arabia and Russia, and also in third place in June 2020.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency