Iraq’s Representative In UN: Turkish Troops On Iraqi Soil Occupying Forces Legally and Politically

BAGHDAD / Permanent Representative of Iraq's UN Ambassador Mohammed Ali Hakim underlined that Iraq rejected the presence of Turkish troops on its territory, and from a legal and political standpoint they are hostile occupying forces.

During a meeting with the President of the Security Council, Ambassador of Senegal Fouda Sik at the headquarters of the Senegalese delegation in New York, Hakim discussed the violation of Turkish troops to Iraq's sovereignty, according to a Foreign Ministry statement, calling the UN Security Council to shoulder legal responsibility in accordance with the UN Charter and ask Turkey to withdraw its troops from Iraq.

He called the "president of the Security Council to urge the member states of the UN to help fund humanitarian aid programs in Iraq because the country is in dire need to provide the needs to displaced.

He reviewed, during the meeting, field developments of battle to liberate the city of Mosul and the success of the Iraqi forces in the liberation of large parts of the city and Nineveh Plain as progressing slowly and carefully to preserve the lives of civilians trapped in Mosul.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency