The Israeli occupation forces officially began, on Monday, the forceful displacement of the already-displaced Palestinian people currently seeking shelter in Rafah, which had been designated by the Israelis as an alleged “safe zone” early in the war.

With flyers dropping from the skies, SMS, and social media broadcasts, the Israeli occupation’s action on Rafah is set to be yet another episode of this live-streamed genocide.

According to Israeli spokesperson Avichay Adrai, the IOF has allegedly expanded the alleged “humanitarian zone” in the Mawasi area and is forcing Palestinians out of eastern Rafah, which was allegedly the initial “safe zone”.

The action being taken by the Israeli occupation would forcefully displace at least 100,000 of the 1.4 millionPalestinians currently displaced in Rafah. It would also threaten to hold all remaining Palestinians in Gaza hostage, as the Rafah border crossing will likely be targeted through bombardments.

After 7 months of the televised genocide, the number of Palesti
nian martyrs, wounded, and missing has exceeded 100,000 Palestinians.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon