Iyad Allawi: Iran is a neighboring country that can not be ignored, and Barzani is never willing to separate from Iraq

BAGHDAD / The Head of the National Coalition Iyad Allawi announced his intention to send a delegation to the Kurdistan region to find out the details of the referendum on separation, reiterating his call to Prime Minister Haider Abadi to begin the field reconciliation and the return of displaced persons to their liberated areas.

Allawi said in a press conference today that "the National Coalition will send a delegation to the region in the coming days to discuss details of the referendum to be held in September next, noting the existence of coordination with the National Alliance to open channels of dialogue and more serious contacts between all parties to follow up this file."

" He said that the Kurdish component should never be marginalized as a basic partner in building the Iraqi state under any circumstances, noting that "the president of the Region Massoud Barzani has no intentions to separate from Iraq."

He went on to say that "there are Islamic political forces, including the Sadrist Movement who are with the building of the state of citizenship in Iraq."

On the relationship with Iran, Allawi said that "Iran is our neighbor and can not be ignored, and Iraq has to take its balanced role to achieve stability in the region in general."

The head of the National Coalition warned of what he described as external interference in the upcoming elections, stressing the need for fair and transparent elections in the country where there is no fingerprint of external interference.

" He reiterated , " I would like to send a message to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to start the field reconciliation and return the displaced people because it will contribute to combating extremism and deterring terrorism," "adding that it is inconceivable that there are millions of displaced people in Iraq and that there are more than 30% of Iraqis under the poverty line. "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency