Jaafari Calls On The International Community To Stand By The Countries Facing Terrorism

BAGHDAD / Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari called on the international community to stand by all countries facing terrorism so that the terrorists know when they are targeting countries will find that the peoples of the whole world are facing them."

He said during a meeting with ambassadors of European countries in Iraq, according to a Foreign Ministry statement that "Iraq is looking forward to continuing support and reconstructing the infrastructure of the Iraqi cities, especially liberated from the grip of Daesh."

He said that "the peoples of the world should be proud of what the Iraqis achieve in their war against Daesh gangs in His own defense, and on behalf of the whole world, and the battle against Daesh will end in Iraq, but may move to other countries; therefore, the international efforts must combine to eliminate Daesh and to prevent its spread. "

He pointed out that "the roots of terrorism remain a very real danger to the world unless the culture of murder adopted by Daesh faced, and drying up its funding, and criminalize its Takfiri thought."

Jaafari confirmed that "Iraqi - European relations have risen to the highest level during the last period, and Iraq seeks to enhance cooperation, opening the door for investment, and activating the common interests in all fields, and Iraq was able to restore a lot of its stolen relics with the help of friendly countries, and calls for more efforts to restore all its stolen relics. "

He expressed his thanks and appreciation for the positions of European countries in international forums and the United Nations, financial aid, and humanity, and the military in the war against terrorism.

For their part, the ambassadors of European countries stressed the continuation of their countries' support for Iraq in its war against Daesh, praising the great victories achieved by the Iraqis and the liberation of the Iraqi lands from the grip of terrorism.

Their expressed their countries' desire to contribute in the reconstruction of Iraq's infrastructure and to increase the volume of trade and investment with Iraq.

During the meeting, the statement said "the conduct of military operations against the terrorist gangs Daesh reviewed, as well as the international support for Iraq by the European countries in various fields," .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency