Jaafari Meets Arab Ambassadors In Hungary

BAGHDAD / Foreign Minister, Ibrahim al-Jaafari affirmed the importance of coordination and cooperation between all the Arab countries to confront the challenges facing the region.

A statement for the Ministry quoted Jaafari as saying, during a meeting wrapped up his official visit to Budapest with Arab ambassadors and representatives of diplomatic missions accredited to Hungary that Iraq was engaged in defense of Himself and on behalf of the whole world and is looking forward to the countries of the world to support Him to eradicate terrorism and stop its spread.

He added that Iraq is a rich country but passes exceptional circumstances by economic challenge and lower oil prices, as well as the cost of the war against Daesh, stressing that the big victories achieved by the army, the police, the popular mobilization, fighters of the tribes, and Peshmerga are subject of pride for Iraq and for all nations and peoples of the region, and the world.

During the meeting, they reviewed the overall situation in the whole region and the world, and cooperation in the fight against terrorism.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency