Jawdat: Reconnaissance Operations Start In Preparation For The Battle Of Tal Afar

BAGHDAD - Federal Police Chief Lieutenant General Raed Jawdat announced that the Federal Police started the detection and reconnaissance and the reinforcement of logistical support in preparation for the battle of the liberation of Tal Afar.

"The federal police will take over the task of keeping the land and maintaining security and order on the right side of Mosul and continues to clean up the liberated areas and return displaced people to their areas," Jawdat said in a statement.

"Various mortar shells, 1822 shells, 7 rockets, 19 explosive belts and 8 improvised explosive devices were found." He added

Jawdat also added that a suicide bomber was killed south of the city, and three others arrested, and 60 rockets, 64 Katyusha rockets, 600 sacks of ammonium nitrate, 8 mixed explosive bags were found.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency