Joint Operations: We control 50% of the Old City of Mosul and continue to liberate the remaining areas

BAGHDAD / The Joint Operations Command confirmed that the military and security forces managed to liberate 50% of the area of the old city in Mosul as part of the operations / O, we are coming , Nineveh/ .

"The anti-terrorism forces and the 16th Brigade, the army and the federal police forces, the operations of liberating the old Mosul have achieved until this evening, liberating 50% of the area of the old city."

It added that "the remaining areas of the liberated neighborhoods are Al-Farouk 2, the area of Hazrat Al-Sada and Ahmadiyya, Ras Al-Kor, including Khattounia, Abdul Khob and Al-Shahwan, Al-Midan, including the Prophet Jarjis, Al-Nouri Mosque, Hadbaa, Qali'at and Imam Ibrahim, and the old iron bridge, Sargkhana and the remaining area of 850 m A� 1700 m.

The operations command confirmed that the forces will continue their military operations with determination and will to liberate the remaining areas to announce the complete victory, by God willing.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency