Jordan’s King: Arab Countries Considering Normalizing Relations With Israel Because Of “Iran’s Behavior” In The Region.

Baghdad Jordan’s King Abdullah II said that a group of Arab countries is studying the possibility of normalizing relations with Israel due to concerns related to “Iran’s behavior” in the region.

King Abdullah II added, in an interview with “CNN” published today, Sunday, in response to a question about whether he expected more Arab countries to normalize with Israel, especially Saudi Arabia: “I do not know what country will be next, but I noticed a trend between Arab countries that care about their interests in the field of national security.

He continued, “I think it is considering the possibility of establishing relations with Israel within the framework of its legal interests due to concerns related to Iran and multiple regional challenges.”

The Jordanian monarch pointed out, however, that the recent war launched by Israel against the Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip showed that the “Abraham Accords” of normalizing relations cannot be expanded at the expense of dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians and discussing their future.

In 1994, Jordan became the second Arab country to conclude a peace treaty with Israel, after Egypt did so in 1979.

Since September 2020, 4 other Arab countries, the UAE, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco, have reached agreements to normalize relations with Israel.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency