Jubouri: Freeing The Left Coast Of Mosul Will Be In Two Weeks

BAGHDAD / A member of the House of Representatives for Nineveh province, Ahmed al-Jubouri announced that "within two weeks, the left coast of the city of Mosul, will be liberated fully, in preparation for the launch into the right side."

He told the "The liberalization of Nineveh province is a continuous process and what happened is not stopped, but safe corridors have opened for the exit of civilians to camps for displaced people who are thousands."

Jubouri added that "in the light of the variables, there will be fit added and modified plans for liberation to keep the civilians and the situation and reorganizing the units ," declaring that "within two weeks, the coast left will be liberated fully in preparation for liberating the right side, which is the last stage for Daesh in the military perspective."

He explained that "The liberating operations will continue under the suffering of the city's population from terrorism of Daesh that are trying to exploit the civilians and bomb the liberated areas and safe walkways by mortars and local-made rockets, which led to the downfall of many martyrs." Noting that "this does not prevent the continuation of operations and reconsider the plans in accordance with the battle variables. ".

The Ministry of Defence confirmed that "the battle to liberate Mosul is going according to schedule and take into account the protection of civilians and infrastructure, after two months."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency