Karbala Health Department Receives A New Batch Of Pfizer Vaccine

Karbala A new batch of Pfizer vaccine, prepared by the Ministry of Health and Environment, arrived in Karbala Governorate, on Sunday.

The Director of the Immunization Division in the Public Health Department of the Governorate Health Department, Dr. Afrah Abdel-Abbas, said: “Today, a new batch of Pfizer vaccine arrived at the vaccination port in Imam Al-Hussein (peace be upon him), which is (1170) vaccination doses,” indicating that “the new dose of the vaccine will be a first dose for the department’s employees and citizens who have registered their information on the online reservation platform, and they will be vaccinated from tomorrow, Monday.

She added, “There are other batches of the same vaccine, which will arrive in succession according to the ministerial contract.” She renewed her call for citizens aged 18 years and over to register and record their information on the online reservation platform to take the anti-virus vaccine, in a way that contributes to supporting the efforts made to address the pandemic and preserve the health and safety of everyone.

It is noteworthy that “with the arrival of the new dose of the vaccine, the department will have received (7) batches, five of which are for the Medical City, and two for Al-Hindiya General Hospital.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency