Kenana Tribe Disavows The Killer Of The Martyr Hisham Al-Hashemi.


The Kenana tribe announced the disavowing of the killer of the martyr Hisham Al-Hashemi.

The Sheikh of the Kenana tribe, Sheikh Adnan Al-Dabbous, said in a statement: In my personal name and on behalf of the Kenana tribe, the tribe of sacrifices, heroism and national stances throughout history and eras, we declare disavowing and condemn and denounce this act of the murderous criminal named ((Ahmed Hamdawi Awaid Maarij)), who is convicted of committing the assassination of the martyr Hisham Al-Hashemi .

He added: We declare it frankly and without being reluctant to say the word of truth Kenana is not represented by killers and criminals.

He called on the executive and judicial authorities to inflict the most severe penalties and just retribution on this criminal and those who planned it in front of the people and in the place where he committed the heinous crime, the law is above all.



Source: National Iraqi News Agency