Khalati: Ashura Visit Did Not Cause Any Increase In Coronavirus Infections

Baghdad A member of the Parliamentary Health Committee, Hassan Khalati, confirmed that no noticeable increase in the number of coronavirus infections was recorded after Ashura’s visit.

Khalati said in a press statement: “After the million visit on the day of Ashura, there was concern among the health and government authorities about a possible increase in Coronavirus infections, but almost two weeks after the Ashura visit and the presence of millions of visitors in the holy Karbala, and through careful follow-up of the epidemiological situation, it was not recorded any significant increase in the number of infections was as expected.”

He added: “Any future increase, if it occurs, has other reasons after the end of the maximum incubation period for the virus. However, we reiterate the commitment to preventive measures and the demand for vaccinations, as special cases cannot be generalized.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency