Kirkuk The Governor of Kirkuk, Rakan Al-Jubouri, signed a memorandum of understanding with the United Nations Human Settlements Program (UN – HABITAT), which contributes to supporting efforts to build the destructive role and enhance cooperation between the governorate administration and the United Nations, with the support of the Iraqi government.

Al-Jubouri said that Kirkuk is a governorate that includes Kurds, Turkmen, Arabs and Chaldeans, Assyrians, stressing that the Kirkuk administration is keen to return the displaced to their cities and villages.

He explained that the total allocated to the governorate does not exceed 68 billion dinars, indicating that a diversified governorate that has suffered from terrorism needs the support of the international community and UN organizations in stabilization efforts due to its importance in achieving security and societal stability.

For her part, the Assistant Secretary-General, Maimona Sharif, confirmed “I was impressed by the vision of the Kirkuk administration and its keenness to support efforts to restore stability. Noting the importance of the contribution of donor countries and international organizations in supporting Kirkuk.

The program had prepared a plan for the construction of 2500 houses, the first phase of which includes 180 houses in eight destroyed villages.

For her part, Irina Sue Lo Rano, Deputy Representative of the United Nations Mission in Iraq for Humanitarian Affairs, confirmed that the international community and donor countries have become interested in Kirkuk to support stability in it.

She said that humanitarian efforts through international organizations are continuing, and we have 100 projects currently in the liberated areas of Kirkuk and Hawija district.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency