Kirkuk’s Health Department Threatens To Impose Total Curfew If Preventive Measures Remain Non-Compliance

Kirkuk The Kirkuk Health Department threatened to impose strict health measures and impose a total curfew, due to non-compliance with preventive measures from the Coronavirus.

The Director General of Kirkuk Health Department, Dr. Nabil Hamdi Bouchnak, said: “We noticed a very high number of infections in the past days, and their severity increased on Friday, as the number of infected people entering the hospital increased and their condition was very critical and difficult, due to the citizen’s negligence to adhere to preventive and health measures.”

He added, “If the situation continues as it is now, we will submit a request to the crisis cell in the governorate to impose a total and strict curfew to control the epidemiological situation.”

He called upon citizens to fully adhere to preventive measures, follow health instructions, the necessity to implement them, and the necessity to expedite the taking of the vaccine available at 33 health centers in Kirkuk.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency