Kubic Congratulates Tal Afar’s Liberation: Reconciliation Is The Means To Achieve Peace For Future Generations

Baghdad - The UN representative in Iraq, Jan Kubic stressed that national and social reconciliation is the means to achieve sustainable peace for future generations.

"Weeks after the liberation of the city of Mosul, this great victory comes in Tal Afar to represent another defeat for Daesh and terrorism and another nail that beats in the coffin of this terrorist group," Kubic told the Iraqi people and its government on the occasion of the liberation of Tal Afar.

He added, "The UN mission involve Iraqis celebrating the return of the Iraqi flag to fly high again in the heart of Tal liberated Tal Afar " confirmed that "The United Nations will continue to support Iraq in its quest to liberate its territory still under the control of Daesh, and in the political process to achieve reconciliation."

"We also remember all those who lost their lives or who suffered a lot of Daesh intimidation," adding" without their sacrifice and Iraqi people's stand united behind their security forces, especially the Turkmen in Tal Afar, this victory would not have been quick and decisive."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency