Kurdish Blocs With The Postponement Of The Provincial Elections 6 Months

Government & Politics

The Kurdish blocs announced they are with the postponement of the date of provincial council elections to 6 months.

The deputy head of the Kurdistan Democratic bloc in the Iraqi parliament, Shakhwan Abdullah, according to the Kurdish network Rudaw, “The five Kurdish blocs in the Iraqi parliament, with the postponement of the date of provincial elections in Iraq to 6 months,” noting: “The Sunni community and a large section of the Iraqi National Alliance with postponement of the date of these elections. “

There is still a difference of opinion among the communities of Kirkuk on how to pass the provincial elections law, they have not yet reached a unified formula to end the points of contention facing the passing of the provincial elections law, in Kirkuk, which has not witnessed local elections since 2005.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency