Kurdish MP: Any Candidate For The Presidency Of Kurdistan Must Be Elected Within The Kurdish Parliament

BAGHDAD / House of Representatives member from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Bastoon Adel considered President of Kurdistan's Massoud Barzani to step down from the presidency as "a new development, which is possible to remove a lot of obstacles between the Kurdish political forces."

He told the National Iraqi News Agency / "Barzani's step is good and has positive outputs in the new elections and activating the role of parliament," noting that "the last period saw dialogues among political forces about the renewal for another term by the people and some called from within the Kurdish parliament, which led to some points of dispute led to disrupt the parliament and dismissed some ministers of the change movement. "

Adel added that "what happened comes an important part of the solution to crises in the region and the topic will be addressed by more democratic foundations and serve the Kurdish issue.".

About the candidates for the presidency of the province he said, "There are so many characters and they have not been traded so far and it will be studied with the political forces if there is any candidate from any party.".

He noted that "the candidate may also be from outside the Democratic Party and it needs consensus among the Kurdish political forces to choose someone else."

The President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani announced on Sunday (November 20, 2016) that he is ready to step down, and called on Kurdish political parties to agree to form a new government and choose someone else for the presidency of the Kurdistan region until elections.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency