Kurdistan Decides To Resume Working Hours In Schools Tomorrow, Sunday

Baghdad The Ministry of Education in the Kurdistan region announced the resumption of working hours in schools, starting tomorrow, Sunday.

The ministry said in a statement: Based on the powers granted to it in the meeting of the Supreme Committee to confront Coronavirus 10/3/2021, and after consulting with the committee, it was decided to resume the educational process inside the classes starting on Sunday 5/16/2021 and alternating for the stages (the first stage to the 11 stage) for governmental and private schools, and the continuation of the schools in the villages, which worked three days a week, in the same manner.

The Ministry stressed the need to adhere to preventive health measures and to grant powers to follow up the implementation of preventive measures, except for heads of administrative units and health teams, to directors of education in districts and sub-districts, and the need to carefully monitor the implementation of these measures.

It explained that in the event that Coronavirus cases appear in schools, their treatment is in cooperation between the Health and Education Directorate in the governorate and under the supervision of the governor and the official of the independent administration.

He added that parents who wish not to send their children to classes can fill out a pledge form regarding this topic in the first week of the start of the educational process, and continue using the electronic method, but for the purpose of taking the exams, they must go to the school to perform them in attendance.

The Ministry stressed the need for the technical teams of the Ministry of Education to continue their electronic work and to remain effectively in broadcasting electronic educational lessons and to give students who are not enrolled in school classes more lessons and homework only in the subjects that will be included in the exams.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency