Kurdistan Islamic Union: The Political Ground In Kurdistan Is Not Ready For Drafting A Constitution

Sulaymaniyah The Kurdistan Islamic Union considered that the political ground in the Kurdistan region is not ready at the present time for the drafting of a constitution on which all Kurdish parties and forces agree on its provisions.

Muhammad Ahmed, the official of the Supreme Oversight Committee of the Kurdistan Islamic Union, said in a press statement: “Only those in power are calling for the drafting of the region’s constitution, at this stage, and the Islamic Union sees that the ground is not adequately prepared for the drafting of a constitution.”

He explained: “The reason for the failure of drafting a constitution for the region in the previous stages is due to its use as a material for electoral propaganda by the parties in power.”

Regarding the demands to make Islamic Sharia a reference for legislation in the constitution, the official in the Islamic Union stressed that the majority of the people of the Kurdistan region are believers of the Islamic religion, and the constitution must express the will of the majority, and not contradict the provisions of Islamic Sharia.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency