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Kurdistan Parliament and the United Nations discuss the formation of a special court for ISIS crimes in the region

Baghdad The Advisers of the Parliament of the Kurdistan Region held a meeting with the international investigation team into the crimes of the terrorist organization ISIS today, Monday, under the supervision of the Speaker of the Parliament of the Region, Rewaz Faiq.

According to the website of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, the meeting was attended by Vala Farid, Minister of the Region for Parliamentary Affairs, Dindar Zebari, Coordinator of International Recommendations in the Kurdistan Regional Government, Christopher Cosnell, Senior Adviser to the UN Team, and Abbas Fattah, Deputy Chairman of the Legal Affairs Committee in the Kurdistan Parliament, where the formation of a special court for crimes of the ISIS terrorist organization in the Kurdistan region was discussed.

Speaker of the Parliament of Kurdistan, Rewaz Faiq, said during the meeting that the draft law for the formation of the Special Court for ISIS crimes, which was submitted by the regional government to Parliament, has an international dimension, so we decided that things should be clear to us regarding the international community’s support for this court, noting that Parliament has some questions and wants to hear what some officials are saying about the bill.

For his part, Christopher Cosnell, senior advisor to the international team, shed light on the legal aspects of the project at the regional, Iraqi and international levels.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency