Labban: The Current Government Is Going On The Same Previous Government’s Approach In Fight Terrorism And Corruption

BAGHDAD / Head of the independent parliamentary bloc, Sadeq al-Labban stressed that the current government headed by Haider al-Abadi follow the same the previous government's approach in fighting against terrorism and corruption."

He said in a statement that "Abadi and al-Maliki emerged from the same party and follow the same pace, and there is no deference between them in terms of performance and orientation, and their goal is reform and fight against corruption and eliminate terrorism," noting that" Abadi and al-Maliki, are from the same party and the same bloc and the approach. "

He pointed out that "Abadi is walking in his work towards the fight against terrorism, corruption, as Nuri al-Maliki did when he was prime minister, but each period has its Circumstances,"

Source: National Iraqi News Agency