Majlis (parliament) Speaker Ali Larijani in a meeting with visiting Iraq Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi here Wednesday said Iran considers Iraq as its sincere ally.

He said disintegration of Iraq is desire of the Zionist regime and confrontation against separatism in Iraq is so important.

'We believe you have successful experiences in fight against terrorism and you are very well aware that nature of terrorists in the region is different from past decade, but Iraq shown its might and demolished them.

Takfiri terrorists have two goals for future in Iraq; one to create problems inside Iraq to prepare grounds for disintegration, which is desire of the Israelis, and second goal is to involve Iraqis by internal problems, so that they cannot have trans-border activities, because Iraq is a democratic state and can has good growth and is effective in the region.

Larijani said that missiles fired into Daesh bases in Syria were carrying this message that Iran has entered a new phase in the fight against terrorism.

Haider al-Abadi expressed pleasure for visiting Iran, and said this visit means re-emphasizing consolidated relations between the two brotherly and neighbor states, a friendship which benefit both nations, countries and the region.

He reiterated that solidarity among countries is necessary to annihilate Daesh and stressed that unfortunately some differences between countries of the region, which created obstacle in the way of demolishing Daesh and creating stability and security in the region and we hope they find out the sensitivity of the situation and look for returns of security in the region.

There are some political differences among parties and groups in Iraq, but we are trying to these differences from being abused by Daesh.

He pointed to developments in Syria, and said that problems in Syria became more complicated because different countries like Jordan, Turkey, the US and the Persian Gulf littoral states are following their own interests, but Iraq has two main goals there; first to annihilate and fight agaisnt Daesh and then to establish good relations with the Syrian government.

Al-Abadi called for increase in economic and trade interactions between Tehran and Baghdad and added that in this visit 'we had good meetings' in this concern.

He said that 'we are trying to facilitate issuance of visa for pilgrims and to provide more security for them in Iraq'.

Source: NAM News Network