Leaders Of The Central Committee Of Daesh Killed In An Iraqi Air Strike In Mosul

BAGHDAD /The military intelligence announced the killing of leaders of the (Central Committee) to Daesh in an Iraqi air strike in Nineveh.

According to a statement of intelligence "the Information of the Directorate of military Intelligence led the Iraqi air force to destroy the headquarters of the so-called the (Central Committee) for the terrorist gangs of Daesh and killed the most prominent leaders of the committee."

The statement added, "The most prominent leaders killed in the strikes are, Abu Abbas al-Quraishi, the Committee's official in Nineveh and Raqqa, and also the adviser to the terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and he is responsible for the leadership of the terrorist attacks in Nineveh, and the leader Abu al-Khatib ( Saudi national), the official of the suicide operations and bombings in all military sectors in Nineveh, and Tice Bill Monte (Abu Omar the Dutch) the official of the foreigners' movements in Mosul, and Faisal Al Maayouf (Faisal Al-Halawish, the bodyguard of (Tice Monte), (Abu Omar the Dutch), in Muhandeseen neighborhood of Mosul, ".

Source: National Iraqi News Agency