Louvre Abu Dhabi’s ‘Furusiyya’ exhibit to launch in February

In a rare comparative study, medieval knights, charging horses and courtly tales from west Asia and Europe will be displayed side by side at Louvre Abu Dhabi's upcoming exhibition, 'Furusiyya: The Art of Chivalry between East and West'.

Taking place from February 19 to May 30, the immersive presentation will encompass over 130 artefacts, from medieval armours, objects related to riding and battle, as well as illuminated manuscripts depicting chivalric scenes.

Presented across three sections, artefacts on show originate from across the Middle East, including Iraq, Iran, Egypt and Syria, to the French and Germanic states in Europe, covering the period from the early 11th to the 16th century.

In keeping with the theme of Louvre Abu Dhabi's current cultural season 'Changing Societies', the exhibition highlights key artworks and artefacts across different times and cultures. The show aims to visualize how historic circumstances have contributed to their production or, in turn, how these works now act as a witness to historic changes in the cultures that produced them.

Manuel Rabate, Director of Louvre Abu Dhabi, said, "'Furusiyya: The Art of Chivalry between East and West' is the perfect exhibition to take place at Louvre Abu Dhabi. Our home city has always been a gateway between East and West and is a natural stage for this exploration of a key moment in Arab history and its cross-cultural exchanges with the Western World."

"The many international partners for the show � be it lenders or scientific experts � highlight the importance of this subject within the academic community and we are incredibly grateful to Musee de Cluny, musee national du Moyen A�ge, and our partners from New York, Dublin, Paris and beyond, who came together to make this show a first-of-its-kind," he added.

The exhibition will be accompanied by an extensive cultural program, curated by Ruth MacKenzie, looking at contemporary culture through the lens of medieval traditions and vice versa. The cultural program will feature the work of Egyptian contemporary artist Wael Shawky, a musical theatre performance based on Amin Maalouf's Cabaret Crusadeshis, along with 'The Long March' by luthiers Trio Joubran.

Source: Bahrain News Agency