Manama Capital of Arab Media 2024

Cairo, Bahrain’s Ambassador to the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Permanent Representative to the Arab League, Hisham bin Mohammed Al-Jowdar, today headed the Kingdom’s delegation that took part in the 51st regular session of the Council of Arab Information Ministers in Cairo.

The Arab information ministers approved the choice of Manama as the capital of Arab media in 2024, according to what was approved yesterday by the meeting of the Executive Office of Arab Information Ministers in its 13th session, based on the recommendations of the 95th regular session of the Standing Committee for Arab Media.

The Council’s recommendations included the call of the Kingdom of Bahrain to start implementing its proposal to host and organize a research seminar on including media education in the school curricula for all stages, and assigning the Secretariat General to cooperate with the Kingdom of Bahrain to prepare and determine the appropriate date for holding it.

The Council of Arab Ministers agreed to allocate a permanent seat for Palestine and Egypt as the “headquarters country” in the Executive Office. It also approved the call of the State of the Arab Media Capital to allocate part of its activities and programs for the benefit of Jerusalem, and to highlight its legal status and its cultural, civilizational and spiritual heritage.

The meeting discussed what was recommended by the Executive Office of Arab Information Ministers to adopt the report and recommendations of the 23rd meeting of the permanent group of experts concerned with following up the role of the Arab media in addressing terrorism, which was held on September 30, 2020.

It urged all official and private Arab media outlets to support the efforts of Arab countries in promoting and protecting human rights in times of crisis and beyond, emphasizing the importance of combating misinformation and false news.

The Arab information ministers also approved the adoption of the work program to implement the objectives of the media map for sustainable development and assigning the General Secretariat to follow up its implementation with member states, organizations and associations practicing media tasks

. It also approved the adoption of the comprehensive indicative guide for media professionals and researchers in the field of sustainable development prepared by Kuwait and Palestine in cooperation with the Secretariat General.

The proposal of Saudi Arabia to develop a unified strategy for dealing with all international media companies (Google, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix) was also emphasized, based on a study of the best international models in handling such entities.

It approved holding a meeting of the mini-committee headed by Saudi Arabia, and the membership of Emirates, Tunisia, Oman, Iraq, Egypt and Jordan. The Committee shall seek the assistance of the organizations and unions that practice relevant media tasks to support it in carrying out its work, and assign the Secretariat General to cooperate and coordinate with Saudi Arabia in preparing for all the activities and works of the Committee.

The meeting also included welcoming the proposal of Palestine to form an Arab committee headed by Palestine and member states who wish to defend Palestinian content on social media platforms.

It also the call of Jordan to present its proposal for framing the legal relationship with international media companies, and to present it to the committee concerned with developing a unified strategy for dealing with all international media companies.

The Arab media ministers stressed the importance of a unified Arab media policy in dealing with coronavirus, and the importance of the media’s role in raising awareness about the pandemic.

They also highlighted the importance of the Arab media role in supporting the Palestinian cause and emphasizing the Palestinian and Arab identity of Al-Quds, in addition to working to implement a continuous Arab media policy, mobilizing global public opinion and opposing the arbitrary Israeli measures and policies against the Palestinians.

Source: Bahrain News Agency