Masari Stresses The Importance Of Supporting Community Reconciliation In Kirkuk


The head of the Iraqi National Forces Alliance Ahmed al-Masari confirmed the support of community reconciliation in the province of Kirkuk.

A statement of the alliance quoted al-Masari as saying during a meeting with the acting governor of Kirkuk, Rakan Jubouri, “Kirkuk is a city of peaceful coexistence, and it is a reflection of the composition of Iraqi society in all its sects and nationalities and has a specificity between the Iraqi provinces.”

He added that “the situation of the province requires maintaining the brothers and love among its people by dealing with them with fairness and respect without distinction or exclusion and provide the necessary and basic services to citizens and begin to reconstruct the liberated areas and return all displaced people and to achieve stability and support community reconciliation.”

For his part, Jubouri stressed “the work with dedication in order to provide security, stability and services for the people of the province to maintain their various titles without discrimination to ensure a free and decent life for them.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency