Masari: The Policy Of Imposing Status Quo Has Negative Impact On Partnership And Trust Among Political Partners


The head of the Iraqi Forces Union, Secretary General of the National Right Party Ahmed al-Masari said “the policy of imposing the status quo by a bloc against the other blocs is a negative step on the partnership and trust between political partners.

Masari said during a meeting with a number of journalists that “the next phase requires concerted efforts and the continuation of dialogue between political forces, especially in crucial and important issues, and move away from the policy of imposing the status quo by a bloc against other blocs, which have a negative impact on national partnership and mutual trust among political partners “.

Al-Masari praised the vital and positive role played by the media in Iraq, especially in the liberation operations carried out by our armed forces against terrorist gangs as well as its important role in combating extremism and corruption.

He added that “the media are the safety valve for democracy and change, and I am optimistic about what I see as of the momentum and development in the media and presented by the Iraqi media organizations of the activity and programs of awareness and development and political diversity in the framework of its national message and its impact in facing extremism and corruption,” calling on the media to “do more in this side in order to cross the country to safety and peace. “

Al-Masari said, “Today, the media in the democratic countries is the first authority to influence in all areas, primarily political, social and cultural, because it has an effective role in detecting errors and finding solutions for them and evaluating the policies of the state because of its influence on decision makers.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency