Massive Attack Launched By Daesh On Salam Hospital In Mosul

Mosul / A military source in Nineveh province announced that Daesh launched a massive attack on Salam Hospital in Mosul preceded by car bomb attacks.

Capt. Ahmed al-Obeidi, one of the field commanders in the area told the correspondent of the National Iraqi News Agency / that "about 60 civilians, including a number of the armed forces, were killed and wounded in the attack, which preceded by an attack by car bombs driven by suicide bombers where stormed the hospital, which is the largest public hospitals in Mosul." .

Obeidi added, "40 civilians were killed, including ten of the security forces and 20 others were injured as a result of fierce attacks by Daesh from more than one axis at Salam Hospital that liberated by the Ninth Armored Division forces on Tuesday."

He noted that "the security forces pulled out from inside the hospital temporarily for fear of hospital infrastructure destruction and to reduce civilians causalities " .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency