Masum calls to build a national, defensive and professional army belongs to the whole of Iraq

BAGHDAD / President Fuad Masum, called to build a national, defensive, and professional army and belongs to the whole of Iraq , with no place to the narrow loyalties.

The President of the Republic addressed, in his speech to our people and the heroes of our military and our armed forces in all its formations, on the occasion of the 96 anniversary of the founding of the valiant Iraqi army, welcomed the Iraqi army in its anniversary.

"He said that in the sixth of January, we remember with reverence and pride the ninety-sixth anniversary of the founding of the Iraqi brave our military, which underscores these days, along with all the formations of our armed forces and one of the greatest national heroic exploits in the contemporary history of our country and our people."

He blessed and appropriate the continuous victories achieved by our fighters in the holy war against terrorism and the defense of the future of our country with courage and dignity, sparked appreciation and admiration of all peoples of the world."

He said that this victory will only be completed by the complete eradication of terrorism and the destroy its of dormant cells, and the return of displaced persons and to proceed with serious societal reconciliation and support for stabilization and reconstruction."

Masum determined to "build a strong Iraqi army with military doctrine aimed mainly to serve the people and the public interest and the protection of sovereignty and support for reconstruction, military defense and national professional majestic side, belongs to the whole of Iraq , and there is no place for narrow loyalties, and capable of protecting its citizens, without any discrimination, which also calls for inventory , however, the weapons in the state and to deter any excesses of state power and the law . "

He offered his warmest congratulations to all Iraqis and especially to the heroes of the army and the armed forces, and thanks to the support of the international community and for supporting our army and our armed forces.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency