Masum Confirms Iraq’s Readiness To Mediate In The Gulf Crisis

BAGHDAD - President of the Republic of Fuad Masum stressed the readiness of Iraq to mediate in the Gulf crisis, saying that Iraq seeks closer relations with Saudi Arabia, and expressed confidence in the US policy to counter terrorism.

"We are ready to exert all our efforts to bring closer views and mediate to resolve any problems or differences between brotherly countries, whether Gulf or otherwise, driven by the factor of friendship, historical relations and common interests. We believe that problems and conflicts can be resolved peacefully and through mutual dialogue," Masum said in an interview with Al-Hayat newspaper. "

On the other hand, Masum stressed his rejection of the postponement of the parliamentary elections. Saying "It is possible that there will be constitutional violations, but postponement of the elections is violation,"

"If we disagree with this fundamental point, on which we built democracy in Iraq, the postponement will lead to a series of violations of the constitution, and then there will be nothing left to unite the Iraqis, because the one who shares us is the constitution and the common will," he added.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency