The Iraqis are determined to close the phase of differences and to cooperate in order to ensure the safety and stability of their country and protect its unity, sovereignty, future and international standing,” President Fuad Masum said.

“We today need the glorious victory of our people against terrorism,” Masum said in a speech at the celebration of the Iraqi Council for Islamic Unity, adding that we are in the midst of building a civil peace, consolidating unity and stability and starting reconstruction in all of Iraq, especially the reconstruction of liberated areas.”

“We look forward strongly to the security and progress of all countries in the region in order to ensure that the specter of terrorism and war is removed from all,” he said, calling on the international community to focus its efforts and efforts to end conflicts, end wars, support peace and security and promote development opportunities in the region and the whole world.

He stressed the importance of working on all available tracks in order to promote harmony and cohesion of society and reject extremism, sectarianism and Takfiri thought, as well as sensitizing citizens and urging them to renounce differences and unite ranks to deal with any potential threat to terrorist gangs against any of the people.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency